Q: My team wants to cancel their subscription. How can we do that? Can we get a refund?

While we don't offer refunds, there are two options for how workspace owners can change the subscription level from a paid subscription to the free version of Channel:
You can downgrade to the free version immediately. If your renewal date is more than a day away, we'll prorate the remaining balance on your account and hold it for your team as a credit. You can use that credit towards a reactivation of your paid subscription in the future.
We can automatically downgrade you to the Free subscription at your next renewal date. Your subscription will remain active at its current level until the end of the billing period that you've already paid for.

Q: We want to add new users to our team. How will that be billed?

We'll make a prorated charge to your credit card to cover your new team member's account for the remainder of the current billing period.

As an example, suppose your team is on the Pro subscription, which costs $2 per active user per month. You add a new team member ten days into your billing period, and there are 20 remaining days in the month. The per-day cost for each user is $2/30, so we will make a one-time charge of $1.3 ($2/30 days * 20 days) to your team’s credit card on file.

Q: Can I upgrade Channel just for me, rather than upgrading everyone in our workspace?

Unfortunately, no. Channel is built for teams, so you'll get the most out of paid Channel when you all use it together. To upgrade Channel, you'll need to upgrade your entire workspace at once.

Q: My team has credit. How do we use it?

Once your team takes out a subscription, we’ll redeem your credit balance until it runs out. We won't start charging your subscription to your credit card until then. That credit is yours to use until it's all gone and after that, we charge you as per your plan.