What is the use of Replying in Threads

How it works:

Take the cursor to any message, and there you will see the option of 'Reply in Thread'

After clicking on reply as thread, it will show something like this

This thread will act as a separate chat box/group and can be accessed by clicking on View Thread. It will look something like this

Sometimes the thread can also be private, that means you have to request access to join that particular thread. Once you join the thread it will appear in sidebar like this



The purpose of Thread is to give important discussion a separate place from the main group, so that it doesn't get mixed with other messages in the group and anyone can reach out to that specific discussion easily.


Firstly this feature prevents your main group from getting clumsy and overloaded with information, as it gets very difficult to reach to a specific discussion in a group overloaded with messages.

Then also it gives an added advantage of keeping the discussion in between a limited people and not the whole main group by replying in thread and making it private.

Refer this video to see more in details - https://youtu.be/8N8T5DzTghw