How to edit channel details

This feature let you edit details of existing channels

How it works

To access this feature click on info icon, once you click you will see all the details.

Now you can - 

  • Update the name of the channel 
  • You can also convert a public channel into private and a private channel to public.

Click on the update channel, once you do that all the details will be updated.

Files - User can access all the files shared in the channel from this section

Pinned - If someone has pinned the messages, user can see all the messages in this section.

Incoming webhook - This section will provide Auth-key to the admin.

Purpose and benefit 

This feature makes it easy to change the setting of an existing channel. If there is a public channel and a user wants to keep all the discussions private, in that case the channel can be converted easily to a private one, and vice versa. 

A name plays an important role in letting everyone know the purpose of a channel, and if a user wants to change the purpose of an existing channel, this can be easily done with this feature.