How can we connect people of another workspace

This feature let you connect with people outside your company and have all conversations in one place. 

How it works

  • Goto the Add people option at the start of the channel.

  • Invite people by their email to the channel in which you want to engage. 

  • Click on Add. 

  • The users will get an invitation mail accepting which will let them to the login page. 
  • After logging in, they have to go to the invited channel name and choose the workspace they would want to add that channel , and click submit.

  • If they are its admin, the channel would be added to the workspace and they will be directed inside it. They would see the channel in the sidebar. 

  • If they are not its admin, a request would be sent to the admin of that workspace via bot and on mail to add that channel. Once approved, the invited user will be notified by a bot and will see the channel in the sidebar.

    Remember - 
    The user would just be part of a single channel in your workspace and will not be a member of your workspace. But they should be using Channel in a different workspace.

    Purpose and benefit -

    With a shared channel, you can communicate with people outside your organization on Channel and collaborate with them seamlessly.