No worries. Channel provides you with the simplest way to initiate any call with anyone in the organization with just a single click. It’s very easy and convenient too.

There are two options available for the same :

  • In-app Calls - This is a feature that you can avail of by paying some extra pennies to access the in-built audio/video call facility of Channel. It has great audio and video quality for you to have a secured end-to-end encrypted conversation.

  • Integrated apps call - If you already have paid for other audio/video call options, no problem, you can still have the access to those and continue conversations on those platforms as before.

Wondering How? Relax and leave that to us. Our technical team is well skilled and equipped to integrate any such platforms you request like Zoom, Meet, Skype, WebEx, and whatever else you demand over a night.

How will this benefit your company?

  • Save time by initiating calls in a single click

  • Easy access by Integrating your meetings application with Channel and switching to voice and video calls directly from within a chat or channel.

  • Going along with everyone else: Connect to your remote teams and share the screen or tab to stay on the same page. It will also help you to better understand what others are presenting and vice versa.

  • The inbuilt app also summarizes the call by providing a summary of the Number of Users joined Duration of the call, and Human time to everyone present in the call. There are some added fun and interactive features too like the live reactions, hand raise, etc.


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